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as the search continues fora ruthless criminal - we're learning these were heinous crimes perpetrated by two individuals who clearly have no regards for human life. >> as the search continues for a ruthless criminal, we are learning about the horrifying south bay crime spree and the men who were killed in the middle of it. >> they had struck again and again and again. and this time police were ready. the boy band responsible for a wave of peninsula burglaries. >> and for the city with plenty of problems, a truly heartfelt campaign. who is lining up to tell the world how much they love oakland. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. we are getting our first look at surveillance photos of two men accused of going on a lethal crime spree in the south
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bay. one of them was caught, but the man hunt continues tonight for a suspected murderer. cbs 5 reporter talked to the victim's father. >> reporter: his dad said that he saw this man, jonathan wilbanks and another suspect running towards him wearing a mask holding a gun. he ran back to his car with his friend and tried to start the engine to get away. >> the gunman tried to open the door and couldn't get the door open so he stepped back and shot into the car. that's my understanding from the young man with him. he said that rory looked at him and said his name. then he just died. >> reporter: it was a part of the violent crime spree that started with four armed robberies within an hour on friday night. after trying to carjack and murdering the football star, police say that the gunman opened fire from an officer while he sat in this patrol car. the stakes mark the projector
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of the bullets. it shows how the bullet caused the pepper spray canister to explode. after a short chase, jonathan wilbanks crashed the car and was arrested. he was bloody after getting hit twice in the gun battle, but still struggled with officers. the police union and the city put up a $20,000 reward to catch the second suspect. >> these were heinous crimes perpetrated by two individuals who clearly have no regard for human life. >> reporter: he just bought his new bmw that morning. >> he was picking up drinks and it just sucks. >> reporter: his dad wants the suspect on the run to do the right thing. >> even though that he did all this stuff, he should have some value on himself in wanting to live and that he turns himself
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in. >> and the makeshift memorial on out here has grown considerably over the past couple of days. he was obviously very popular and well liked. the officer shot suffers minor injuries. robbery, burglary, car theft. he'll be in court on wednesday. >> all right, thank you. in the past month, san mateo has been plagued with more than 20 home burglaries, an unusually high number. the latest attempt was at a home on woodbridge circle last night. linda yee tells us how an alert neighbor gets the jump on three teenage suspects. >> reporter: it was an alert neighbor who spotted the burglars. >> were they in the process of burglarizing the home when they were caught? >> right. this is another great tip from an aware neighbor who saw something that they thought was suspicious and called us.
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>> reporter: they arrested the teenagers 13, 15, 18, caught holding a pillow case with stolen goods and burglar tools. a rapid response teams of cops including belmont pd and the chp surrounded this neighborhood. >> yeah, i was coming right down the spot sign here. i made a turn and saw cops all the way around the block here and their cars had the lights off. it got me. well they have to be off for a reason. >> reporter: they have been able to connect them to at least seven burglaries. this case has rattled nerves in the neighborhood. >> it's a very safe neighborhood since the beginning. so we have developed this habit of not locking a lot of windows. we have to start paying more attention. >> reporter: police suspect that the three teenagers may be connected to other burglaries around the peninsula.
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tonight they are looking at those cases, comparing notes with officers in other cities. reporting live in san mateo, linda yee, cbs 5. now to the city of oakland where tonight there is both good news and bad. we'll start with the bad that comes in the form of more turmoil for the city's troubled police department. the police officer's union, which says that the leaders at opd, they simply don't lead. >> reporter: they have once again been in the spotlight. this time over the police officer's union from the rider -- writer's case. they are being unfairly targeted. >> we need to defend the ranks. the men and women who work the streets. >> reporter: they finally came in the union case to decide if they should be taken over by the federal court. over the years the department has failed to train them
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adequately. when things went wrong in the occupy demonstration, they disciplined 44 officers, while they got off scott free. >> there is one probation lieutenant demoted. everyone was at the rank of sergeant and below. >> it all fell on the soldiers of rank and file. they don't develop the strategies or the orders. >> reporter: they declined to comment on the union's allegations because of the ongoing court case. but the attorney who is representing the victims of the police abuse and the federal court takeover of the department said that it runs deeper and that, in fact, the rank and file do show some of the blame. >> the issue that they were wrong and each one of these cases. it was improper. if they acted properly in all these cases we wouldn't have a case. >> now all of this sits in front of the federal judge who within the next couple of weeks are expected to decide whether or not they should come in and take over the leadership and control of the oakland police
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department. something that the city says they don't want. in the newsroom, cbs 5 news. and you're looking at the live pictures from the picket lines of the service employees international union at oakland international airport. and just about an hour ago they kicked off a 24-hour strike. they plan to shut down the port of oakland tomorrow to protest what they call unfair labor practices and other disputes with port officials. and this will not end at the airport tonight. union members and supporters will be back at the port tomorrow at 5:00 to begin picketing there again. and now a little good news. a lot of oakland residence are working to change the city's image as dangerous and crime ridden. they say it's a great place to visit and do business. as they show us, they have hired one prominent local to help tourists feel the love. >> you have heard the story.
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oaklanders know them all by heart. >> a lot of the violence. the gang stuff. some of the drug wars. >> when i told my friends that they don't know anything about it and they live in oakland, they think of guns. >> a lot of the perceptions are just that. and they want people to come in and experience it there and they are fans for life. >> reporter: that's the point of the new campaign by visit oakland. meant to highlight what's great about this city. the slogan, well, the writing is on the wall. >> oakland is to love it and to know it. >> reporter: and they say that it is obvious. casting the city with a bad reputation in a good life. >> and for everything that you would ever say negatively about oakland, i could show you ten positives. >> reporter: who better to help than the famous oaklanders in the middle of reinventing their own image. >> reporter: he lives in tracy now that he san oakland native. making a big flash on last night's american music awards. >> we couldn't time it better.
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>> reporter: putting him on the comebacks to compare to oakland's own renaissance. >> it's our last time. oakland is having a revival. >> reporter: the posh restaurants, a thriving art scene. all despite the diminished police source and their soring rate, most noticeably in rough sections of east oakland. >> and i believe that there are more people here that love it. >> reporter: just ask the man who knows it best. >> oakland, to know it is to love it. >> reporter: kristin ayers, cbs 5. the san jose priest has resigned in the fallout over a letter allowing a sex offender to volunteer at the school festival. he said that he had a letter from the diocese, allowing him to be on campus, even though he's on probation from molesting a relative. when confronted at the festival, the father defended him. but the bishop says that the letter to his probation officer
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was unauthorized. the letter said in part that he was informed that he could continue to participate in parent functions of the school and parish that do not involve the regular unsupervised contact rather with children, youth, or vulnerable adults. and in a statement today, the diocese said that the father will not be reassigned within the diocese. a man arrested at the oakland airport for wearing a suspicious looking watch won't be facing any criminal charges. this is the watch that the man tried to take past the security check point last thursday. the toggle switch, fuses, wires got the attention of the tsa. the 49-year-old was arrested and the terminal was evacuated. >> people that give me corporate work, etc. >> well the district attorney's office did not comment on why charges were dropped. he said that this was the first
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time he has ever gotten in trouble for wearing his art at an airport. a psychiatrist said that the accused gunman in the university rampage is incompetent to stand trial. they found that 43-year-old has long standing paranoid schizophrenia and does not understand the criminal justice system. a second court-appointed doctor will reveal his point of go on january. seven people died this past april. and an odd stand off between the sheriff deputies and the man on top of the transit bus and peacefully in san jose. several roads were shut down as they talked that man down that they may have mental health issues, facing charges of resisting arrest. >> remember the patriots missile from the first golf war? well think of this as the new skim proved model. what you need to know about
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israel's iron dome, especially considering you paid for it. well, you know they need to learn that it is not fair how they treat us. >> and that from an employee of the month. the black clouds that are now looming over wal-mart's black friday. and maybe the twinkie is truly invincible. well the new hope for hostess and 18,000 workers.
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proposals in their intensifg border conflict. israel and hamas trading
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battles. the fighters sent nearly 100 rockets into israel. the military responded with several air strikes killing 38 palestinians. and that now makes 111 palestinians and three israelis that were killed since last week's violence erupted. they have been fending off some of those rockets with something called the iron dome. the radar tracks the incoming rockets and then they fire missiles to intercept them. and the u.s. taxpayers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars for them, helping israel get the iron dome into the field. and israel claims that they hit their targets 90% of the dime. iron dome uses about 50,000 missiles to knock down rockets that cause as little as $100,000. and a closer look at the depth and destruction. >> and the hospital at gaza this morning as bodies were killed yesterday in the air
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strike brought out to be buried. and the four children, they died along with their mother and four other family members when their three-story home was hit by an israeli air strike. the husband and father who lost their family was inconsolable. the israeli military said that they were targeted because they believe that the hamas commander was responsible for launching missiles towards israel and that they were hiding there. but with nine members of the same family killed, the israelis say they are investigating the bombing. throughout the night into today, the israeli military pounded the gaza strip and bombarded by what came on air and sea. air strikes are aimed at crippling what mass. and there is no question why this building was hit by israeli air strikes overnight. it's one of the main police
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headquarters here in gaza. but with the drones flying overhead and gaza city here this morning and the government offices are nearby, well this is not a place that you'll want to stay for long. >> reporter: for the second time in two days, israeli aircrafts attacked the media building that hosted many foreign agencies. today's strike, they killed two people including the israeli and they say that it is their intended target. the islamic militant hiding out in the building. >> reporter: well black friday is still four days away, but the bargain hunters are already in line at this best buy. shoppers began camping out three days ago. and it is happening all over the country, especially at the electronics store. a few stores are telling the early birds though to go home. when wal-mart opens up on black friday, shoppers will be seeing more than the sale signs. it looks like there will be protest signs carried by the unhappy employees.
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cbs 5 news reporter on the growing unrest at the biggest private employer on the planet. >> reporter: dozens of wal-mart workers, protested outside this store near washington, d.c. today. >> and we want a living wage. we want to be respected on our jobs. >> reporter: hundreds of similar pickets are planned at wal-mart stores and warehouses across the country. >> and this is not a fun experience anymore, no. >> reporter: he has worked at this wal-mart near los angeles for four years. the former employee of the month makes $9.80 an hour. >> are you scheduled to work on black friday? >> yes. >> do you plan to go to work on black friday? >> no. >> how come? >> well wal-mart needs to learn that it is not fair how they treat us. >> reporter: the protesters want minimum hourly pay raised to $13. more full-time work and less costly health care. next year their insurance premiums will jump by as much as 36% and as wal-mart scales back its contribution. >> we don't want to walk on black friday. we don't, but it's something that we have to because it's
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the right thing to do. >> reporter: his schedule was cut to 15 hours per week when he joined a group of wal-mart employees who favored unionizing. >> i lost my son and i'm kind of regretting working for wal- mart, but i have to provide. it's the biggest retail in the world and you can't help me provide for my son? it kills me big time. >> reporter: they tried to head off the protests with a complaint. the company said that the demonstration are being orchestrated by outside unions. >> i think this is just another union publicity stunt and the numbers that they are talking about, they are exaggerated. if they are scheduled to work on black friday, then we expect them to show up and to do their job. if they don't depending on the circumstances there could be consequences. >> reporter: wal-mart has been successful in stopping repeated
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attempts to unionize their workers in the u.s. it's not clear if they are trying to form a union or shame them on the biggest shopping day of the year. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. well friday we were writing a what pitch ware for the twinkie -- an obituary by hostess. the maker of the twinkies and the other treats, entered mediation with a striking union. they blame the strike for their lickation and debt issues. they face changing pub lis tastes. >> anything is possible. but you know then again they were so far apart the first time. >> hostess has about 18,000 workers at 33 plants including one in oakland. if you are one of those guys that spends $2,000 for the last box of twinkies, then you got stuck. they are getting stocked up in the northwest right now. take a look at all the
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rainfall. record rain in seattle and portland. 100 miles per hour wind gust. some of that will be heading here. details on when next.
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thanks, paul. weather time. one more storm to get through. now after that it will really dry out with pleasant weather. not this time tomorrow. and they will be drawn up ahead of this weather system, keeping us mild tonight. currently 56. san francisco at 60 and oakland at 58 degrees. not much to show you on high definition doppler. but the tiniest of the storms with the strongest radar in town. we're picking up a few light showers southwest here in sonoma county. that will be tonight. but it's much more than just a drip in the northwest. three inches of rain for seattle. two and a half inches of rain and one day in portland with the wind gust at the oregon coast, anywhere from 80 to 105 miles an hour. most of the energy from that will be staying to the north. the same front will be bringing rainfall to the north and
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impact us as soon as tomorrow. even up towards the city, giving up six inches of rain over the last couple of days. it'll be wet through tomorrow morning and getting up early, making an escape to grandma's house on wednesday. and that will be depending on where you are and the future cast model, predicting where they will be. an inch of rain up to clear lake. half an inch for them tomorrow morning and redwood city and san jose, not a drop of rain. what to expect? cloudy, dry, most of tomorrow will be wet late in the day through early wednesday. after that we'll just clear out and have beautiful weather. 67 tomorrow. san jose 65. fremont 66. rain by tomorrow evening. vallejo at 65. downtown san francisco, 63 degrees. your extended forecast, the rain clears on out by wednesday afternoon. good driving late in the day. on thursday, sunshine, mid-60s
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as we're going to stay sunny, dry, mild. approaching 70 for the holiday weekend, dennis? okay, paul. no alex smith, no problem for the 49ers. the question is now, do we have a quarterback controversy? we'll show you what happened on monday night football next. oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee
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that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue.
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kapernick to make his firstl start.. alex smith was ruled out of tonight's game against chicago, paving the way for all of them to make their first nfl start. if they were nervous, then they never showed. already 3-0 san francisco in the first. and he finds vernon davis, 10-0 san francisco. they had six receptions for 83 yards. the second quarter. look at kendall hunter with the
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eyes of the touchdown, doesn't he? he breaks a couple of tackles from 14 yards out. 17-0. folks, this is against one of the league's top defenses. the defense dominated. especially smith who brought down jason campbell. 5.5 times sacking the chicago quarterback and now leads the nfl. he simply is just brilliant in prime time. look at them buying time, putting it on the money. touchdown 49ers. crabtree, they went 32-7. warriors and dallas under a minute left hitting the jump shot. and again we'll go to overtime. less than a minute in. it's tied. he drops it off for the lay up. warriors take a 101-91 lead as they win 105-99. and that is the subplot to this ford story tonight. granted that alex smith is still injured. but you have a quarterback controversy. >> yeah, you do. he is fast and big and he could
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run. man, he just throws right on the -- right on the dime. >> yes. >> and that will be winning there. >> yes, eight winnings. >> then on to minute. >> yeah. >> super bowl? >> we'll see you on cbs 5. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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